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She lives on the only remaining clean wall in a small back alleyway behind commercial buildings on the bricked-up sides of Montreal’s 1930s version of brownstone housing, on Le Plateau-Mont-Royale. She’s looking West-ish towards the encroaching darkness as the sun sets on the streets and this back alley, as if to give any nefariously intentioned person a warning that no nonsense will be tolerated in this location of town. Her beauty is dark and tribal and as multicultural as the neighbourhood she watches over. The Graffiti tags that are subtly placed on her don’t appear to have the intent of damaging the image, rather, they add force to it, as if to say she has support from the local populace who are happy to apply their code to the protection of the neighbourhood. I don’t know who the artists is, nor their origin, but they have captured the rich cultural diversity of Montreal in this figure.

More to come…


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