I’m not saying everyone is like this, but gossip does seem to attract ones attention quite easily. For me, I find myself engaged in an elaborate inner dialogue, an elaboration of the snippet of story I’ve overheard. I think to myself, I’m allowing an intellectual pursuit and creative adventure when elaborating the backstory and imagined outcomes of the sliver of gossip. Then I hear one of my inner voices remind me of how unkind gossip can be and I let it go… mostly… I think I file it away to fuel other artworks, like for the description of this one.

My daughter tells me that I am very good at skin tones… I have taken a long time to accept that compliment and to discover where I was inspired in my tones… I feel it is possibly the Fauves, possibly Gaugin. I’m not saying I’m as good at it as them, but I embraced a little science in my exploration and found various ways of combining pinks, greens, and whites to get many different skins… to me, they all feel alive.

What do you think she’s overheard?

More to come…


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