Yet another of my silly nightmare fish… I’m starting to think this is becoming a cathartic release of my fear of swimming in the ocean; now I imagine my silly fish swimming below me and doing nothing but waiting for something to fall into its open mouth. The other fear releaser is that I see them as bum-nibblers and that just doesn’t inspire any fear at all!

For the background, I slowly added the different tones of colours and then rubbed the blending. This is a very satisfying and enjoyable result for me. I also played. with he told orange and brown fish… unlikely and complimentary colour to the blues. The white teeth and eyes give a great intensity and the outline is bold, but also blended in. The directional strokes of the water and sky create a fun tension with the static fish, as if it stopped momentarily to allow us to see it clearly.

What do you see?

More to come…


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