Originally composed as a strange, bulbous figure with its head receding far into the vanishing point; signifying its mind was firmly lost in the clouds, as the expression goes. That is what I saw when I drew it, but that changed when one of my clever students turned the image upside down and declared it a fox’s face. Now, I can’t see my original vision I know what my vision of this was, but it just doesn’t fit what I see anymore.

This brings to mind the question I always carry when looking at art: does the title and artist statement take away from the possibly more amazing perspective of the viewer? I’ve struggled with this question for decades and still have no clear answer… well, not one I’m ready to embrace, because I’m still having an inner debate about whether or not I’m too lazy to write artists statements for every pieces I make. I’ve always said out old to others that I prefer to hear their interpretations of my work. This is absolutely true, but I’m frequently disappointed by the lack of answers I get. I know most people are concerned about offending me or are insecure about their “art-knowledge”; I just need to find more ways to let people know I really, really want to hear their perceptions beyond “I like or don’t like it” and “It’s interesting”.

What do you see?

More to come…


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