Is this a simplistic illustration of a puppy, or is there more to this work? This is the sort of question artists tend to ask themselves… well, at least the artists I know. Recently, when I ask myself this self-doubt-filled question, I hear the an interview with a famous artists (I can’t recall who) who when asked how long it takes of make his artwork replied (I’m paraphrasing): It’s not the amount of time it takes to make an art piece that determines it’s value; it’s the time it took to develop the artist’s skills and knowledge that he puts into every creative decision.

If this piece appeals to you; if it works aesthetically, it is the result of a multitude of research and decisions taken by the artist. While some of my pieces feel like they just flow out of me quickly, when I reflect on them to write these statements, I realize (with gratitude) that dozens of choices based on experience are being made. What colours might be complimentary? In what direction should my blending stick push the pigments to create more movement? How much should I blur the image to offer a less static composition? How do I place the eyes or angle the head to offer an expressive figure? What sort of details can I add to give my viewers a story? Etc…

The subject of this figure stems from my recent overuse of the words “puppy love”… thanks to our new puppy. I feel I’ve captured one of his funny faces and the emotions we feel when he gives us that look… If I could have animated the tail wagging, it would be perfect. He is a golden colour and fills the room with a happiness when he’s happy.

More to come…


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