Maybe there are many stories to tell about these two who stand side-by-side; we can feel the attachment between them, the attachment they feel, but perhaps don’t understand themselves. Both are looking straight ahead, but we can feel an intense awareness they have for the other’s presence. If they had hands, we would surely see them holding them together. Instead we have these would be lovers, stoically being with each other.

I chose to very slowly and gradually add an entire rainbow of colours, hues, and tones of wax crayons… I wan’t sure I could build enough contrast between the owls and the background, so I also played with the direction of my crayon-strokes. The bold, black outlines are done in pastel, because I wanted to emphasize the forms… an obvious trick, perhaps, but I enjoy this effect.

What story would you tell about these two owls?

More to come…


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