For the month of December, I had been playing The 12 days of Christmas for my music appreciation class and they loved it… after playing it over and over again, for nine different groups, the song is imbedded in my subconscious. I think this is how these two came into being. I am equally positive that another cultural icon of my youth is resurfacing in this one… The animated birds in the intro for The partridge Family TV show. (Frankly, the theme song is now an ear worm for me every time I look at this image) I’ve rendered them in a more minimalistic and illustrative style, and alternated the colours in each to add some tension that allows your eyes to move across the composition. I feel the bright green. isn’t deep enough against the darker orange, but I don’t like what I imagine a dark green would do either… this way, it feel more retro to me.

What does it remind you of?

More to come…


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