Inspired by the weird, squarish cows I’ve been drawing, I wondered what other animals I could square-up. hen I did the initial outlines in graphite, I didn’t think my face was big enough to allow an adequate expression, but it turned out differently; the face looks somewhat disappointed. As if it is asking: “Really? Is this the best you can do?” I get a great laugh out of that… my drawing is talking to me… Maybe it isn’t… the words we see on the cat’s body: “Cree en moi seigneur”, which translates to “Believe in me, Lord”… I’ve often interpreted this as “Believe me, yes!” Maybe the cat is one of God’s early drafts and its look and question are the response to God asking it an opinion of its current form.

What do you think?

More to come…


2 thoughts on “Cat in Passing – Sheet-music Scribbles 2023

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