Complimentary colours! They just work! The cat is full of prideful attitude and perhaps a little confusion about its identity… it looks like a dog, just a little. The oil pastels are really fun for the blending of colours and adding natural textures to the composition… I also really enjoy. how messy they are; it adds a dynamic movement to everything.

In its pose, it might be stopping because it hears the misc I’ve drawn it on, or perhaps someone is whistling it as they look at this. artwork and the cat is looking at them with curious confusion at the sound.

What story would you give this figure?

More to come…


2 thoughts on “Blue Cat – Music-book Doodles 2022

  1. Love this! The way it’s drawn on sheet music, and also the colors—blue and gold my favorites. The cat reminds me of the children’s books about Pete the Cat, who is also blue, and a bit prideful. And yes, the messiness of oil pastels really does work well here.

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