While my cats don’t really make this face, I may have combined the more expressive eye-mouth combination from my puppy into the expression on this cat. The body posture however, is exactly how my cats react… If you have cats, you know: it’s that moment you catch them while they have contorted themselves while cleaning and suddenly only pop up their hearts to see what’s happening… often with their mouths still open from the last lick.

I wasn’t sure if the yellow would pop against the orange cat, but it does seem to add to the feeling of dread on the cat’s face. I find the cat wrapping around the corners of the page very pleasing and it drives the viewers eyes back and forth across the page. The end of the cats tail is outside the frame and one might imagine whatever caught its attention is playing with it… perhaps it is the puppy.

What story would you tell about this cat?

More to come…


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