Back to the struggle of what colour does the shirt need to be… I painted it light grey, added pink all over it, then considered unbleached titanium… only to then consider just making it black. I could add highlights after if I wanted.

Before this point, I was also wondering if I should add a shadow behind my head… once the black went down on the shirt, I knew it wouldn’t be needed.

Dimension: 20” (51cm) x 20” (51cm)
Materials: Acrylic on Wood Board

Prints & more available at Arts MPerron @ 


7 thoughts on “Self-Portrait Project Fifteen (Part d) – The Simplest Solution Often Works Best

      1. If I had the funding, it would be a world of explorations!!! My dream is to have a space (studio-school & storefront) dedicated to exploring materials in the making of art… including repurposing and upcycling discarded things. I may not be explaining it very well, and I can only say that my heart is filled with joy when I imagine this dream.
        I might even call it “Re-Imagined”.
        When I started repurposing old furniture as a hobby, this studio-school-gallery idea came into mind. Then I wanted to call it “Found — The Repurposed Design Company” My goal was to inspire people to stop wasting so much and seeing possibilities for rediscovering forgotten beauty all around us. It was loosely based on the Wabi-Sabi principles I so adore!

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