A Cubist Momento Mori

I think I might have deviated a little from my usual process of using some specific inspiration as a base for new work. I say, "I think" because I've come to realize that my head is overflowing with millions of images I've ingested over the years and I no longer know where inspiration comes from. … Continue reading A Cubist Momento Mori

Casualty of War

Charcoal sticks and a little coloured charcoal rubbed over the page, blended, rubbed again, and blended again, then outlined... the end result is filled with pain and anguish. It reminded me of photographs of wounded soldiers, where it was hard to tell if the moment the camera captured was of them immobilized by their pain, … Continue reading Casualty of War

Post-Punk Picassoid

I actually didn't model this one off a Picasso image, but he does seem to show up a lot. This was modelled after a random portrait where the model had Cubist makeup and thick, almost unrealistically solid hair. I wasn't sure of the colours, but found the Eastern European features and African colours played a … Continue reading Post-Punk Picassoid