A little good news — This City’s Police Force Says No Officer Fired a Single Shot in 2020, Citing Successful De-escalation Training

Citing successful de-escalation training, Newark police says no officer fired a shot while on duty in 2020. — Read on http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/no-police-shots-fired-2020-newark/ Now this is the kind of initiative I'd like to hear about on all the mainstream media outlets!

A Child’s Precious View of Empathy

Book Review: Go To Sleep, Mom! by Mary Eakin The illustrations are beautiful.The moral is adorable!The teachable content is very clever... * *I've recently learned the benefits of not over explaining things and limiting instructions, or leading questions during my maker lab lessons. The benefit is that my students do their own thing and more … Continue reading A Child’s Precious View of Empathy