Book Review: Go To Sleep, Mom! by Mary Eakin

The illustrations are beautiful.
The moral is adorable!
The teachable content is very clever… *

*I’ve recently learned the benefits of not over explaining things and limiting instructions, or leading questions during my maker lab lessons. The benefit is that my students do their own thing and more often than not, exceed my expectations.

This book falls right into that category for me. It’s short, doesn’t give lots of juicy scenarios, gets to the punchline so fast that I felt I wanted more… BUT does it ever deliver it’s message!!!
I re-read it three times before realizing I needed to breath and reflect on what was happening here and what the child and Mom were both showing. (Hint: it’s genuine love).
The child is a problem solver, a doer. He has a great imagination to help him with this and a wonderful empathy to motivate his actions.
The Mom is grateful and acknowledges his efforts.
At the end, you feel lots of love for both of them.
Can you imagine how cute and wonderful the class discussion would be, regardless the age of your students?!?

This is a book well worth sharing.


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