Another fool full of ambiguity… on the surface the heart may appear foolish, but this very disposable member of the king’s court is always careful and on the watch … they cannot let themselves ever be really foolish in their actions. They are the keepers of secrets, the soothers of anger, the playthings of the powerful. They live in what appears to be a hell from the viewers’ point-of-view. Is it a hell they can manipulate, and if so, is it really a hell?

Here we. see a figure ready to dance in the hell of it’s own creation… it’s thoughts obscured and unreadable behind dark eyes and a painted smile: it’s true feelings hidden perfectly behind face powder and blush. One needs to watch closely to catch any relaxed moment when the face might reveal the depth of fear, sadness, or malice that might have risen from resentment for the role it is forced to play.

What do you see in this face?

More to come…

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