Pink Intensities

One of the benefits of having a terrace overlooking the water is the expansive view of the sky. It's been a particularly sunny summer (2022) and some of our potted flowers are loving it. As is my usual practice, I like to get in close to my subjects and try to look at them from … Continue reading Pink Intensities

The terrace garden: a snapshot

Having moved into a waterside condo this past year was a big decision… where do I put my summer energy if I have no garden to play in? We’ve planted a few small things this year: tomatoes, eggplants, kale, peppers, herbs… they are growing slowly.

Micro-Transformations of Space Over Time

The Video - My actual artwork in video form Imagine yourself in a museum’s viewing room. It’s claustrophobically dark and there is an ambient hum that indicates the volumes might get loudly disorienting. You are geared up with tense anticipation for the video to walk your through a sensory experience. You watch as the space … Continue reading Micro-Transformations of Space Over Time

A little good news — about the future of architecture

I hope all buildings become like this!

Critter-Buster Greenhouse Project

The last few years have been way too discouraging for our garden. At first I thought I couldn't find the right space that had enough sunlight (we have massive trees all around us). Then the animals became the issue: squirrels, rabbits, gophers, and racoons. All devouring everything we planted. Last year, before Covid hit, I … Continue reading Critter-Buster Greenhouse Project

A little good news — shared souls and memories Just a beautiful story I want to share. It further inspires me to get my butterfly garden finished!

A little good news — and we can all do something like this I'll be posting the progress on my first butterfly garden soon. It's remarkable easy... plant some beautiful indigenous plants and flowers.