An open letter to Mr. Donald Trump (and every other leader who needs a kick in the ass to walk their talk!!!),

Are you paying close attention to this amazing person?

Inspired by the seemingly endless march of consumerism and the flip-side of this coin, built-in-obsolescence, Marcin Jakubowski set in motion the ultimate return to sustainability and home-grown first commerce. 

download-1Starting with his open-source (that means you can find the very detailed plans online and for free!!!) plans for farm machinery, he started cutting his expenses and making his farm profitable again. This inspired others to learn from him and to share their ideas with him, thus building, even more, open-source machinery and helpful machinery.

As emphasized in his Ted Bio, these are only initial steps in his vision & plan to offer the only open source & complete set of instructions to build an entirely self-sustaining community for only $10,000USD!

Do you have dreams to get off the grid, or take advantage of the possibility of selling back into it?

Do want machinery & tools that last, are easy to maintain, easy to repair, and use easily accessible recycled materials?

Do you want to be more self-sufficient?

Do you want to pay it forward, give back, and share your successes?

Watch Marcin Jakubowski: Open-sourced blueprints for civilization and let me know where your imagination brings you! Then please share it here!!!


His Website: Open Source Ecology

His Twitter feed

This YouTube Vids

The Global Village Construction Set


What can you build and share to change the world? Share it here!!!

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