It Won’t Be Long Now – The Hollow Ones #43

Let hope in and know that all things must pass, including all this Covid-19 craziness. Let the darkness dissipate. Let the fear move on and embrace the joyful light. We don't need to get back to what was normal, that is what brought on this acceptance of fear. Be light, be happy, be different, be … Continue reading It Won’t Be Long Now – The Hollow Ones #43


A Traditional Fable in Contemporary Wrappings

Book Reviews: Caps For Sale: A tale of a Peddler, Some Monkeys, and Their Monkey Business by Esphyr Slobodkina I feel I've seen this one sometimes ago in my own childhood. A very simple tale with lots of repetition and an uncertain meaning. Great way to start a conversation with kids.... sometimes. As a teaching … Continue reading A Traditional Fable in Contemporary Wrappings

Neo-Apocalyptic Dust Mites

In my self-isolation due to Covid-19, the house has been cleaned and re-cleaned to a point of sterilization. Between cleanings, I've been reading, wasting time on social media, and making artworks. I discovered some abstract outlines in an old sketchbook and pulled out some bottles of acrylic inks I wanted to use before they dried … Continue reading Neo-Apocalyptic Dust Mites

The Catchphrase On My Sleeve

The precipice has walls Decorated to an abundance With murals of unimaginable history Which chance has yet to write. To dream of dreams yet underrate When reality is morose and ignored Postpones everything but my imagination And cures the mundane routines. So like a heart on my sleeve The catchphrase of my life, Broken and … Continue reading The Catchphrase On My Sleeve

The 4th Step on The Ladder of Awareness

Welcome to the continuing observations that follow the discussions sessions between myself and my mentor, Berel M. Weiner for our book project tentatively called: “The Ladder of Awareness: The Process of Being Your Truth.”  These are my thoughts and feelings following each session and have already begun to change with each new week of discussion. … Continue reading The 4th Step on The Ladder of Awareness

Odds & Ends – The Gratitude Project

Last Year, while reading “Gravitate 2 Gratitude", by Carolyn Flower, I started one of her prescribed exercises. This exercise was meant to help us recognize, in essence to become grateful for all we have. It focuses the mind on seeing reasons to be grateful by establishing a habit of gratitude. Like most habits it takes … Continue reading Odds & Ends – The Gratitude Project

The Ultimate Optimism

Law #8 - Maintaining a winning perspective Chapter 9 of T. J. Hoisintton’s “If You Think You Can” starts with this amazing statement: “In the real world, moments of devastation are likely to come your way… It’s part of the process. Consequently, setbacks drive some to fight harder. For others, it provides a reason to … Continue reading The Ultimate Optimism