Persistence and Heart

Book Review: The Boy Who Never Gave Up by Stephen Curry What a beautiful story. Stephen exemplifies what we want all our kids to know... they can be whatever they want, if they never give up wanting it and work to get it. There's a second valuable lesson here... Follow your dreams with all your … Continue reading Persistence and Heart

Top Tips on Percerverence: Never Give Up!

Law #12 - Never Give Up! In this chapter, T.J. Hoisington starts with some recognizable examples of persistent people. The stories of Thomas Edison and Colonel Saunders are ones anyone whose reads about motivation or business would know. The one that really brought it home for me was his retelling of a scene from the … Continue reading Top Tips on Percerverence: Never Give Up!

Embracing Your Be-Do-Have Habit

Law 3 - Taking the time to work on you: Embracing Your Be-Do-Have Habits. The opening line of chapter 4 in T.J. Hoisington’s “If You Think You Can”. says it all: “IF YOU WANT MORE, THEN YOU MUST BECOME MORE.” Read on and begin the change! In James Allen’s mind-blowing book, “As a Man Thinketh”, … Continue reading Embracing Your Be-Do-Have Habit