Law 3 – Taking the time to work on you: Embracing Your Be-Do-Have Habits.

The opening line of chapter 4 in T.J. Hoisington’s “If You Think You Can”. says it all: “IF YOU WANT MORE, THEN YOU MUST BECOME MORE.” Read on and begin the change!


In James Allen’s mind-blowing book, “As a Man Thinketh”, he states: “Men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are.” To become that which you want, you must do what it takes to get there. How does one do that? In a previous article, we established that setting goals and breaking them into manageable sub-tasks is one of the main factors for success. Here we see that adopting the mindset of continuous improvement is another.

If this is overwhelming, like it is for many of us, start by changing your mindset . Write out these following affirmations as many times as you can, and put them up around your house, car, office, and everywhere, so you can see them over and over again.

1- “You reap what you sow.”

2- “With time and persistence all goals can be achievable.”

3- “The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.”

I’ve chosen these together because I feel they encompass the third law that governs the performance of high achievers, the Laws of nature, and of Attraction.

The Law of Sowing & Reaping teaches us that our habits & actions always harmonize with the results we attract. To change the results, we must change our habits & actions. Improving ones skills will lead to a change of habits and actions, and then to different results.

The Law of Increasing Returns teaches us that everything grows, so what we do will result in more than what we put in.

The Law of the Harvest or Delayed Gratification teaches us that time is required for growth to occur. You must give yourself time to nurture learning and growth.

Take a leap of faith and consider the following: When you plant an acorn (sow an action) and nurture it a little everyday (consistently foster the conditions for it’s growth), it will grow into a mighty oak (an increased return that is greater than the action itself), and that plant will bear new acorns (results and/or inspiration) to be used for further growth (continuous improvement & innovation).

Simply put, to improve your results to need to improve yourself, your actions, your habits, and that takes:

A choice / decision to start. 

Commitment to take action everyday.

Time to develop the new habit.

Faith in the process and of the gift of potential learning from the results.

Richard Bandler says: “The mind likes what is the same, but it learns from what is different”. Do you want something different for yourself?

You are most likely reading this, because you made a decision to change your life. Now give yourself the time to develop that change. Break the endgame into sub-goals that build towards a desired result. Embrace the mindset that you can always adjust your action based on the results. Seek to continually improve upon your actions and you will develop habits that impact your learning and your outcome. Challenging yourself leads to always having something to look forward to and having continuous moments of achievement and/or learning.

The fact is our very cells change repeatedly and completely throughout our lifetime. We are meant to change. We change our clothes, our jobs, our homes, and our minds. It is a gift we are destined have.

What would you like to change about yourself today?

Google how to change it!

Now you are starting to learn how. Now you are nurturing the seed you’ve planted and you will reap the rewards of personal growth.

Give yourself the gift of a few minutes to meditate on it, write it down, and then take the first step towards changing it…


See you next week when we discuss more on Mastering your Thinking.

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