A little good news — smart tech isn’t making us dumber

http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/smart-technology-is-not-making-us-dumber-after-all-according-to-new-study/ Well, I'd say the jury is still out on this statement, but the logic explained in the article makes sense. Smart devices are taking-on from us all the minutiae we needed to remember and offering us room to contemplate, reason, and think instead. Could this be saying we are now in a better place … Continue reading A little good news — smart tech isn’t making us dumber


A Moment of Contemplation

Obviously, I didn't take this shot, but I feel it's worth sharing as part of my creative process. I was standing for a time near the water's edge, contemplating what might be floating downstream from the waterfall. Everything around me was green, but I was apparently so focused that my friends and my wife couldn't … Continue reading A Moment of Contemplation

Subtle Thinking

Doodles and sketches inspired by the endless cornucopia on Pinterest has become a joy for me. I decided to let go of my terrible self-criticisms and let the ink brush transform the source materials and inspirations into whatever it is meant to be in my hands. While editing the image to share, I find myself … Continue reading Subtle Thinking

Knowing When To Really Listen and To Whom

This process is ever going and growingSome six hundred odd days ago I wrote a little reflection about listening to myself. I didn't realize it at the time that I might be feeling that I hadn't progress nearly two years later on my journey. Well, I do feel that way often. I WAS actually a … Continue reading Knowing When To Really Listen and To Whom

The 8th Step on The Ladder of Awareness

Into the method: Part 2. Notes on Today: We jump forward by allowing ourselves to go deeper than ever before and climb the ladder past the highest rung. I’ve kept it shorter today in hopes of giving you an even clearer picture of the process. We will be elaborating on the specifics of the process … Continue reading The 8th Step on The Ladder of Awareness

Who’s In Charge Here?

Law #4 - Master Your Thinking “The Quality of your thinking - the thoughts and beliefs you entertain, WILL make all the difference in the quality of your life. PERIOD!”  Nowhere in Hoisington’s book “If You Think You Can!” is there a better explanation of the practice of mastering your thoughts. The mastery demonstrates very clearly … Continue reading Who’s In Charge Here?