Law #4 – Master Your Thinking

“The Quality of your thinking – the thoughts and beliefs you entertain, WILL make all the difference in the quality of your life. PERIOD!”  Nowhere in Hoisington’s book “If You Think You Can!” is there a better explanation of the practice of mastering your thoughts. The mastery demonstrates very clearly the effect of the Laws of Attraction!  Quotes from James Allen to Tony Robbins illustrate how thoughts become reality. As we learned in last week’s article: “Working On A Do-Be-Have Habit”, to change your outcome, you must change yourself. In this context, to change your reality, you must learn to change your thoughts… to become the master of your thoughts, not the victim of them.

We cannot always control our thoughts as they occur, so start by becoming aware of your thoughts as separate entities. Notice them and acknowledge them. Say to yourself: “I hear you. Now what am I going to do with you?” That moment of reflection, to breath and consider, instead of reaction is a precious a habit to develop. I recall many teachers in my life using some derivative of “Taste every word carefully, before you spit it out.” Give yourself the gift of pausing, before you react and you will begin the habit of changing your thoughts.

Take this new habit back to an earlier concept in this book, of believing “The Greatness Within You” and use it to answer one of the most socially uncomfortable questions you are often asked: “What do you do?” Many of us have been taught, trained, or coached how to answer this as the infamous elevator pitch. Forget that for right now, first answer “Who are you?” for yourself. PLEASE DO NOT CONSIDER OTHER PEOPLE’S OPINIONS OF YOUR ANSWER! Only yours really matters.

This is where I really started and still catch most of my negative thoughts. For me, it started with “I am an explorer of knowledge, a creative artist, a teacher, a networker, and a connector of people.” It has developed into ever changing versions of this catchphrase “I help people get their greatest work into the world. Bringing out the best in you is what brings out the best in me.” Aside from being really fun to say, it filters out those who really have no interest in me and leads to a great many questions from those who are interested. Now decide who you wish to focus on, who will nurture the best version of you, the interested or the disinterested.

You are capable of changing your thoughts and are ultimately responsible for your own actions. As very cleverly illustrated in Bill Bergfeld’s Article on Responsibility : Once you’ve chosen to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions; you are now ready to really change them. Whatever your actions may be, thinking the negative of them will not change them. For example, if you want to get fit and healthy, constantly telling yourself that you want to lose weight or stop eating junk will only reinforce the images of the junk your are trying to avoid and the fat you may already have. Instead consider telling yourself you want to be fit and eat well. Visualize the ideal body goal and the good foods you want. Have you ever known anyone who puts up a picture of an obese person on a vision board? How is that going to work? We aim for targets, not away from them! Turn your focus from the obstacle to the solution.


You must change your thoughts and it may be easier than you think, if you accept the challenge and remain persistent. They a few of these tricks: When a negative thought occurs, say to yourself something like, “Erase, Delete, Change that… What I mean to say is…” Remove the obstacle! Remove the words “Can’t” from your vocabulary. Henry Ford said “If you can’t… your are right”. Tell yourself, “I can’t, yet”. Then ask yourself what must I do differently next time to succeed?” Eventually you will eliminate the “I can’t” completely and find yourself willing to learn how. This leads to new goals. Goals give us purpose to move forward.

So, what are you thinking? What are the random negative thoughts or beliefs you will begin to change or eliminate, now?

Wishing you a tremendous week!

4 thoughts on “Who’s In Charge Here?

  1. It’s my great pleasure, Wendy. I read them one at a time… actually, I started my recent reading habit with a 30 day challenge at the end of each day, I read for ONE hour. It’s become something I very much look forward to and the truly amazing thing is, I always find the time now, whereas before I thought I couldn’t. It’s always there. I have to assume it always was, I just found my reason to take it to read.


  2. I couldn’t agree more.. I love how the language we use has such a big impact on how we live our lives.. I also love asking myself the question: “How can I …do that, achieve that etc.”.. It opens my mind to all the possibilities.. Great and inspiring post – thank you.. I’ll be having a read of that book too.. x

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    1. You’re amazing, Wendy. Thank you for you thoughtful and motivating feedback! I’m now reading a new paradigm shifter for me, Carol Dweck’s Mindset. It’s fascinating and disturbing in the most productive way imaginable. It’s really helping me change my mindsets.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh what a lovely thing to say – THANK YOU!! Hey – how am I going to fit in reading all these fab new book suggestions… This definitely sounds like it’s worth a read.. Good luck with the ‘change’… I’m really enjoying your posts! x

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