Let’s have a little fun today, shall we? I want to have the most absurd job imaginable, even if it’s only for a short period of time. In fact, I want to have a series of super-absurd jobs that last about a week each, for a whole year! Then I can just inundate my LinkedIn profile with the craziest job experiences conceivable. Imagine how much fun I could have coming up with elevator pitches for networking meetings, and to answer that annoying and witless question: “So, what do you do?”

Here are some possibilities, for example…

I’m an un-popped kernel counter at Orville Redenbacher’s. I get to make sure you always & only get every kernel that is popped. Sometimes, even I miss one, but Mr. Redenbacher is always there to save the day. I Love working with him. He’s my hero!


I’m a Dollar store price checker… that might be a challenge… is it $1 or 2 for $1?

I’m a Professional hand shaker… that could be fun. I think every store and building should have one. The world might be a much friendlier place, if overtime one entered a building, someone created them with an enthusiastic handshake and a ‘how do you do’?

How about being Volunteer doorbell tester? Walk up and down your neighbourhood ringing every doorbells and when the person answers the door you tell them: “I’m your volunteer doorbell tester. It’s seems to work fine. You’re welcome, it’s a public service and I’m happy to do it.” It might be a way of becoming friendlier with your local police… assuming they get called to see what the heck you are doing.

In a very round about way, I’m trying to zigzag my way to a point. There is always a way to look at whatever we are doing and whatever happens to us in a positive way. Now, if you haven’t done so yet, read Jen Sincero’s “You are a badass“. Read every delicious word until you get to page 119, a section called “This Is Good Because…”. Read this one a few times! Why, you ask? Because it’s good! This chapter is good because I have never read a better way of creating a shift to a positive and gratitude filled mindset! Jen gives her own example of getting a flat tire on the way home from picking up her kids… she alludes to being in a rush and making a choice of how to deal with this situation. Either get frustrated and grumpy, or say to herself, “This is good because…” As soon as she started the sentence “This is good because…” her mind went to the teaching moment for her kids about how to handle a flat, then it went to having some time to play twenty questions with them and getting a great conversation going about their respective days. So, next time you stub your toe, hit your funny bone, spill a glass of milk, get a telemarketer call, or some other life situation arises, stop and say to yourself: “This is good because…”

This rambling intro is good because it allowed me to weave my way to admitting that I don’t really want to have an absurd job, but I do want to have a purposeful job, a vocation, a calling, if you will. The question that has been the purpose of this 30 day challenge has been to try and define that purpose. In reading Jen’s book, especially this particular chapter, I’m realizing that I can find my purpose in looking at what I already have, and already can do. This both starts and leads to a great sense of gratitude. According to many Law of Attraction believers, gratitude if the fuel of abundance.

Tell the universe what you want and more of that will come your way… this always seemed to easy to be true, well it is anything but easy. You see, whatever you focus on, think about, and feel deeply about is what you will eventually manifest. I have to admit that I am still struggling with how to explain this, even to myself. I can tell you that when I find my way to feeling gratitude for what I have, I feel good. This simple example teaches me something important. Feel grateful and you will feel happier. Try it for yourself. Next time someone gives you a hug, or a loved one reaches out and holds your hand, become aware of how you feel. Assuming you like these things, the way I feel is loved. I’m happy to be loved. I’m grateful, however momentarily for that love. it feels darn good! I tend to smile and hug back. The other person smiles and more love is produced. Ergo, one plus one equals… Feeling good makes us feel more good!

So, dream your big dreams! Make your giant plans! Set enormous goals! Intend to make the world a better place! Start with loving yourself, appreciating what you can do, what skills you already have, and what your already give others. Seek to become grateful for YOU and everything around you. Gratitude is a muscle to develop and it can start by looking for the silver lining… Whatever occurs, no mater if you label it good or bad, stop and ask yourself: “This is good because…” then see how you feel. This is the end of todays sermon and this is good because…


See you tomorrow.


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