Do you ever get to the point that you forget where your inspirations come from? The other day, I woke up with an idea. I was going to give myself a new 30 day challenge and give a gift every day for 30 days. I jotted this idea down to write about it and I was sure I’d remember where the idea came from, because it felt like a really good one! Here I am writing about it today, and I can’t remember where it came from, so I did what I thought was another good idea, I Googled it!

The first thing that seemed familiar was Cami Walker’s book “29 Gifts – How a Month of Giving Can Change your Life.” Now, where did I hear about this book? It will come to me, I thought; just keep writing… Ms. Walker explains that an unorthodox prescription of giving something daily would lead to health and happiness. The practice of giving dramatically changed her outlook on life. I gotta read this book! She sites what she gives as being things like a phone call, a smile, a kleenex, and other to other easy altruisms. It’s the act of giving that changed her, not the size of the gift. Besides, as I discovered a few days ago, we really never know how much of an impact we could have on someone. I love this idea and I want to do it. However, where did the idea come from?

The next thing to pop into my head was a word I’m not sure where I’ve heard before, “Ubuntu”. The word seems to have a meaning that intertwines kindness, sharing, and humanity. Sounds beautiful. Isn’t that what I’m seeking in giving? It feel right. Guess what, it showed up in a Ted Talk I watched  by Elizabeth Lesser called “Take ‘the other’ to lunch”. Mrs. Lesser talks about the act of giving respect and the gift of listening to people you previously felt very at odds with, as a way to better understanding, and bridge across the oceans of possible misunderstandings. Well, that sounds awesome too, but how does it relate to my 30 day challenge? Hmmm… I do want to improve my listening skills and I do strive to understand, before being understood, so, it could be one of the gifts I give. Worth a try!

A few days ago, a local charity that cares for poor kids was brought to my attention: La Corde. The question that immediately rattled thought my brain was what could I offer them? How could I help? And I have to be honest, the curiosity about where could this action possibly take me did occur to me? Now, in context of this 30 day challenge, it feels like a great fit! I want to tell people’s stories. Stories about the people living and overcoming their struggles with their own grace, people who want to help and give themselves… I think this will give me a better understanding of altruism. This is a teachable moment for me and my daughter, who will join me and my wife in this helping. This is a gift that just keeps on giving. This is also something I want. I won’t be there every day, but I feel that it will open up to opportunities to give. But, where dod the original idea come from?

At some point you just have to accept to hear the voices of angels, the messages from the source energy, God’s answers to your prayers… Sometimes, you just have to bear witness to the laws of attraction in action and be grateful for the gift. So, I want to start my 30 Gifts challenge – Give one thing every day for 30 days and write about it. What gifts do you think I could give?


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