I will fly a kite again for the first time. I will stop and smell the roses. I’ve been pushing these two topic headings back everyday since I first saw John Francis: “Walk The Earth” a few weeks ago. Everyday something new came to mind and I couldn’t see how I would make a whole article about these sentiments. Then I started reading Jen Sincero’s “You are a badass!” and the whole writing is my destiny thing started to come into place. On top of this the question of what my next 30 day challenge would be started getting tangled in my head with what I’m currently reading in Margaret Lobenstine’s “The Renaissance Soul.” Needless to say that the squirrels are running fast and frantically in my head today! Time to stop, breath and take it step by step!

1- I will fly a kite again, for the first time. I may have forgotten exactly what triggered this note, but it feel like this: I want to experience simple pleasures again, like I did the first time. A lot of what I practice for visualization and manifestation has to do with recalling the feeling of something I want to manifest. You often read examples of how to get that dream house, by picturing yourself living in it now, and accessing all your senses in this recall of feelings. What would that six burner, gas stove do for you? Can you smell the food you’d make on it? Can you see the joy on your guests faces as they eat your culinary delights? Ok, maybe this isn’t a simple pleasure to you, but it is a pleasure for me to think about. I feel it with a great happiness and strong desire. Like flying a kite, there is fear of it getting away from us, or God forbid there’s a nasty kite eating tree like in the Charlie Brown movies; there’s a feeling of elation as it rises high into the sky and surprise that it seems to have a life of it’s own; there is the frustration of it crashing to the ground; finally, if you are still in a child like optimistic state, the happy realization that it can and will rise again. This rollercoaster of feelings is LIFE. Amazing how many times we deny ourselves this amazing emotion-adventure and refuse to indulge in it to manifest our strongest wants.

2- Stopping to smell the roses is partly what I am doing right now in writing this. taking a pause to reflect on what is awesome in the world, even if that world is at least temporarily in your own amazing mind. We’re deep in the winter today,  up here in Montreal and I feel the lack of sun. We even have a name for this natural phenomenon… we call it seasonal depression. The thankfully brief period at the end of the winter where even power packing on vitamin C & D just won’t change your mood. That time of the year when you just don’t know what you feel so grumpy! Today, I stopped to reflect on this and decided to give in to it. Yuck! After pouring myself fully into my pity pot, I looked out and knew what I needed to so. I needed to go outside a enjoy the fresh air, smell, feel, & listen for the signs of Spring. Guess what, they are there. It may -20˚C out, but I saw the Cardinal couple that comes for the berries on our shrubs. They were signing and seemed happy the berries would be back soon. I felt the sun high up above the clouds warming them and pushing them away. I started to imagine the smell of the snows and ice melting, and imagined feeling a drop of icy water falling off the eaves of the house and down my neck. That delightful chill made me happy and that soon enough I will be again smelling the flowers I’ve planted around my garden.

3- Jon Francis teaches us that one can indeed follow a life of simple & pure purpose, and make astonishing changes in this world. He walked the world, sharing his vision & his learning, and built awareness that comes back to a simple pleasure, or stopping and smelling the roses. He let me know in his video that I can be true to myself and that is what I owe the world. I want to write, and write, and write… Like Jon, I will need to get out of the books and touch the world, see the world, smell, hear & taste the world… A very strong reminder of the simple pleasures that fill the greatest memories of my life. I must experience this amazing planet and I will. My writing will be my gift and my expression of gratitude. You can all come along with me, You can all help me achieve & share this. I’m open to what’s next. What can I write for you? What can I tell stories about too inspire you to go out and smell the roses? What roses would you like to smell?

4 -The ongoing discovery of my renaissance soul is giving me the courage to say I want to learn everything, see everything, experience everything and write about everything, or paint it, or sing it, or sculpt it, joke about it, or… the point is that I am a curious and creative soul and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s who I am. I will make this new love of writing my conduit for expressing all my passions.

So, what will I write about next? What will be my next 30 day challenge? I was thinking that I would one or more of the following: “Get Out Of Bed With Ted – A 30 Day Love Affair With Inspiration” This might lead to a more ambitious project and possibly a book: “365 Day Affair with Ted.” Note: I’m referring to ted talks here, folks. Please get your minds out of the gutter. Or, “All I Can Do With Words – 30 Days of Writing on What One can Do With Writing”. Well, these are working titles… I still have a few days to decide. What do you think? Which one speaks to you the most and do you have a different title to propose?

As a final note, I am about to upgrade this blog and will hopefully be adding some new features to it. Any suggestions, advice, how to’s, and help is always appreciated.

See you tomorrow. May your day be filled with roses, kites and dreams!

Businessman and business sketch

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