I Found An Irrefutable Affirmation

"Where I am is constantly changing to something better. It's fun to know that things are always working out for me, and I see evidence of that everyday. I'm always accommodated." by Abraham Hicks I've been working with The Artist Way by Julia Cameron and doing an exercise that asks me to write a affirmation … Continue reading I Found An Irrefutable Affirmation

To Break My Streak Or Not???

According the fine folks at WP, I've been blogging daily for over two years, 526 days straight, in fact, without missing a single day. Now, I don't know if that's a big deal in the blogging world, but it feels damn impressive to myself. So, along with the message of my up until now unbroken … Continue reading To Break My Streak Or Not???

I’m So Grateful To All Of You!

This past week I won my 500th subscriber and I am very grateful to all of my followers for getting me there. It popped up in an email and gave me a pause to breathe and reflect on the last year, or more specifically the last few months activities. A reflection on blogging: I recently … Continue reading I’m So Grateful To All Of You!

Growth Through Vulnerability

A Management/Consultant Profile - Spiced Up With A Punch For years now, I've felt detached from my business profile. Never really feeling genuine in my descriptions of accomplishments or tasks. Always feeling forced in my enthusiasms. I finally got the courage to ask some close friends to spice up and tear down my curriculum vitae … Continue reading Growth Through Vulnerability

These Are The People In My Neighbourhood – Introducing The Great Russian Ballet

Recently, my dear friend, Paul L., introduced me to a cultural phenomenon of outstanding beauty and eloquence. He introduced me to The Great Russian Ballet! I am so very grateful for this gift that I have to share it with YOU! I’ve been a fan of ballet since I first saw a professional group in … Continue reading These Are The People In My Neighbourhood – Introducing The Great Russian Ballet

Monday’s Movers – Richard Tardif and Stop The Denial

I first met Richard a little over a year ago when I was exploring the possibility of growing a local lifestyle magazine. He is the Executive Director of the QCNA, a group that oversees the success of most of the English & bilingual publications in Quebec. I came for some advice and guidance from the … Continue reading Monday’s Movers – Richard Tardif and Stop The Denial

Toot! Toot! Look What I Found on the Concordia University Website!

Ok, it's a little weird, it's a little bit of ego stroking, but I'm very proud of myself right now and I want to share it! Please indulge me in a little horn tooting! Thank you to Maeve Haldane for writing this very flattering article about ME: http://www.concordia.ca/cunews/offices/vpaer/aar/2017/07/27/biographer-of-success.html?c=/alumni-friends/news Please enjoy.    

Odds & Ends – Fun for the Inner-Photographer

I was recently asked to send some photos of myself for an article on What is a Successographer? The specifics were joyfully vague, so I decided to have some fun and send in a motley bunch, selected from old profile pics, some autobiographical artworks, and some new pics, I asked my loving wife to take. The feature … Continue reading Odds & Ends – Fun for the Inner-Photographer

Odds & Ends – Getting Recognition

WARNING: I am no longer with Go Read. I cannot and will not endorse this business, no it's owner, Ken Dunn. In my opinion and you can Google them about being legitimate or a fraud, they are unreliable in the least. A little while back, a newer member reached out to me to ask me … Continue reading Odds & Ends – Getting Recognition