Yesterday’s article has been rolling around my brainpan and I am both excited and uncertain… Here’ s what the squirrels of my mind are asking… I want to be a storyteller, but how will this express itself? Amazingly, I’m not overly anxious about this uncertainty. I sent the question back out to the universe and some answers came back in the form of affirmations, inspiration, and some guidance.

After writing my article yesterday, I visited with my parents for tea. All they wanted to hear about was the blog, my writing, and that I’ve found a genuine passion. They listened and asked very interesting and interested questions. It was one of the most pleasant career talks I’ve ever had with them. They even told me they were very proud of me for deciding on this path. That felt AWESOME! This morning, as I opened my emails I got a notification from a fellow blogger, telling me how she nominated me for a blogging award. Thank you, Jeyran Main! That filled me with gratitude.

As those who follow me know, I am hooked on Ted Talks, and watch them as I run on my treadmill. Today, I felt compelled to pick a different category on the Surprise Me menu… I went with Beautiful, instead of my usual Inspiring. What I saw was indeed beautiful and very inspiring too.  First, there was the lesson on different ways of telling stories by Karen Bass, in which she relates the joy, rewards, and gratitude she lives from having followed her passion as a filmmaker / storyteller. If I didn’t already want to travel this amazingly beautiful world of ours before, it feel like a compulsion now. Then came a story of rediscovery from one of my favourite troubadours, Sting. Never mind the gift of hearing music from him, that I had never heard before, he planted a seed for a new curiosity. He sang and talked how getting back to his roots & back to the stories of others gave him a new voice. In my opinion, an even more beautiful voice than before. That’s saying a lot for me, as I have always felt that he was one of the best storytellers I’ve ever been exposed to and all his songs take me back to places I’ve already been or new ones I’ve always wanted to visit. It brought me back to a bunch of notes and a blog ideas I had at the start of this 30 day challenge… to write about my adoption story… only now I feel the creativity and emotion would flow more in my relating the stories of those who became my family, my home, and the stories of those genetically tied to me (when I eventually meet them) … and telling it in my voice. We shall see, It’s now an active word-document on my screen. It also connects me closer to the stories I’ve been writing for my These Are The People In MY Neighbourhood feature. Lots of options, lots of motivation for me. Where do I start?

As I have been enjoying calling on the Archangels for guidance, I pulled out my Doreen Virtue card deck and asked for guidance on what to do first… The answer was surprising and a little confusing… the voice in my head said I asked a question that was answered a few days ago, and I should ask a different one today, so I did. The first question was where should I start, and I have already started… I’m writing. The card that came back was “Comfort” it felt like a warning against giving up on this dream. The second question was on the adoption story… will I meet my birth family this month and will I be able to tell their stories? Archangel Sandalphon replied with “VICTORY! – Your prayers have been heard and answered. Have faith. You deserve this time of victory. Your unwavering focus and dedication have resulted in blissful manifestation. Peace and pleasant feelings are yours right now. Let your focus be on the present moment, and savour each feeling and experience fully. Know that the future is taken care of in a positive way, as you allow yourself to enjoy the present moment. Feel good about who you are, and know that your success benefits others.” Well, this truly feels like an answer to so many of my prayers over the last few months. Thank you Sandalphon for this gift and for speaking it so clearly to me. I will be a writer of stories, a teller of tales, a sharer of knowledge… I will continue to listen to the signs the show me the path I am on and bring me to where it will take me, in the time it must take. I will continue to let go of worry about the future and trust that this passion is part of my purpose, and it will bring me the success I am destined to have.


Let me finish today with what I seem to have been finishing several of my previous articles… Would you share your story with me and allow me to tell it for you?

PS: The Laws of Attraction are growing for me, as yesterday a stranger reached out to me on Facebook and was asking me loads of questions about myself. I’m usually quite weary of this sort of thing, and a load of presumptions arose on my part. Then a voice asked me loud and clear: “What if you ask him the same questions and tell his story… “A Strangers tale.” I’m sending him a message to continue the conversation and see where it goes. One never knows who may be inspired by the stories we tell.

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