Why did I read Stan Holden’s Giving Candy To Strangers? Partly the title is awesome and I had to know more. Partly, because so many people on GoRead rave about it and I was feeling ok about being a sheeple, this time. Mainly, I needed to differentiate myself from others, as a publisher and business matchmaker. This book breaks the rules by turning them upside down. For those of you who’ve experienced networking groups like BNI, know that the giver’s gain mindset really works. Call it karma or law of attraction, what you give will come back. Give a smile and it almost always comes back.

I feel this is the principle of Stan’s wisdom. Seek ways to always give first. It’s the perfect ice-breaker. Chapter after chapter is filled with anecdotes of successful interactions, always with the reminder that your comfort zone isn’t where that will happen. There are no lectures here, no homework, only fun ways to escape your ruts and connect with new people. For you sales folk out there, that means leads… Read the whole book as Stan has very excellent advice on how to NOT muck up your leads.

As I said at the start, People, and that includes us here, say that Quebecers are different. Some say difficult, and other less flattering things… well those tend to be people following the usual sales techniques. Here, we don’t like being sold to. We like being wined and dined a little first… we like to build the relationship first and then ask for the services we know you have. Ok, we like it to be our idea and only after we have built some trust in you. I’m probably not referring to all in Quebec, but at least a few… you know who you are!

Stan’s experiences and successes around the world indicate that more and more people are exactly like this, or at least stay more loyal to the service provider when this approach is used on them.

Read it and decide for yourselves. By the way, Stan isn’t the new fad here. His vision and wisdom is mirrored in different words from several thought leaders such as, Dale Carnegie, Brian Tracy, and Joe Girard (A.K.A. “The Greatest Salesman on Earth”).

You can get Stan’s book in many reputable bookstores, but I think a cool place to get it (and actually befriend and converse with the author) is at The GoRead Bookstore

Good luck and good reading.


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