I kinda didn’t take the day off yesterday… I just couldn’t sit still, so I started putting some order to the list of projects I want to add to my blog and I started to see connections…

First, I want to thank my friend Richard Tardiff for planting seeds of connection throughout what I’ve been doing and for setting the tone of the goals ahead. This blog was started with a desire to define my life’s purpose. Margaret Lobenstine’s The Renaissance Soul is guiding me to define what I can do, based on my interests and passions. Jen Sincero’s is helping me break down my own barriers to success with the challenges in her awesome book: “You are a Badass!” Which brings me back to my pal, Richard and his upcoming podcasts, whose eloquent introduction in his first podcast taught me that my current journey must include acknowledging all my previous accomplishments. So, here are some of the features, categories, and projects I will be developing over the next while. Maybe we will all learn together on this journey and I welcome your comments along the way.

1- Upcoming 30 Day Challenges

i) 30 Days of What can I do with my Writing?

ii) 30 Days of Ted Talks (“Get out of your head for Ted”) – could grow into a full year with a book in mind.

2- Monday’s Movers – Book reviews and thoughts on what I’ve learned in them.

3- Tuesday’s Tips – Covering the Social media spectrum. Well, at least a tiny part of it…

4- Wednesday’s Workings (This one’s a big one!) I’ll be sharing from three creativity areas of my life: nb: I’m not sure what order I’ll do this in, yet. I have over 500 artworks, dozens of poems, and hundreds of notes on techniques to share.

i) My artwork– some comments on the pieces, what influenced them, my process, where to buy them, etc… Well, more or less.

ii) My Poetry – comments on some pieces, some with rewrites, some with other links… Get ready for my hilarious attempt at analyzing my frame of mind on the ones from so many years ago.

iii) Creative techniques – sharing ideas to help in your own explorations of visual arts.

5- Friday’s Folks – This will be for the stories on the People In my Neighbourhood. Please give me a little time on this, as I need to make time to get out of my cave and meet them, so I can write about them.

6- Odds & Ends – These are random inspirations to write about. I’m not sure if I’ll post them on a specific day, but since they are already a few ready in the works or ready to post, maybe I will do them on Thursdays.


What would you like to see me write about?

See you soon!


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