This has been a great challenge for me. Partially because I hadn’t decided exactly what I wanted to do, I wasn’t sure how I could ask for it, or didn’t know where to find it, and/or I was focused only on what I didn’t want to do. Carl Jung said “What you resist persists.” You can read his quick and a mildly dramatic explanation , but it boils down to realizing that it takes more energy to resist something then to go with it. We hear this repeated in the Laws of Attraction, that what we put out into the universe we will attract. In focusing on what I don’t want, I sent that energy/intention into the universe and got that back. Bummer!

I’m not even going to voice what I don’t want. In fact, I’m happy to say that I’ve been practicing to keep my mouth shut when negative thoughts arise. Steven Covey teaches us that one doesn’t eliminate bad habits, they must learn to replace them with better habits. Now, I am not just suppressing the negative self-talk, but more & more pausing to consider how to replace them with a good thought. One trick was to restart a thought with, “This is good, because…” For instance, I’m starting to ramble and move off topic… this is good because, I needed to think out loud to get clear on my point. What can I do and what job fits my skills and needs? 

Margaret Lobenstine’s in The Renaissance Soul  talks about defining “focal points” to help us find a J-O-B that fits our core personality and will motivate us to greater successes. These are a combination of passions, wants, and dreams that move us to action. In doing this exercise… several times, over a period of a week, I came up with the following: Being a supportive husband & father, Experiencing the peoples & cultures of the world, Writing & sharing what I’ve learned, Having financial freedom for our needs and to be able to give freely to where we see need.  In other words, I want to make lots of money telling stories while exploring the world, meeting & helping people, so that I can give my wife and daughter every opportunity to follow their dreams. Now that’s a job description and a job offer I would enthusiastically shout YES to right away! Let’s put it out into the universe and see what comes from it, shall we? I would like to write for a living! 

In the here & now, there are a great many outlets for what I have to offer an employer. Here’s a short list of skills & what I could use them for: Communicative => Manager, Account Manager, Teacher/Trainer, Relationship Builder, or Business Development & Customer Service. Creativity => Solution Finder, Innovator, or Marketer. Curiosity => Traveller, Explorer, or Researcher. Writer & Storyteller => Journalist and Blogger. Generalist => Dot-Connector, Inter-team/Company Liaison, Team & Project Leader. All these skills and experiences are transferable to almost any managerial position. My attitude has always been that I can be taught anything, talk to anyone, and learn something from everyone.

I’ve applied this attitude as a team leader in the Student maintenance crew at Bell Canada, as a freelance teacher in Madrid, as a inside sales team lead for IPG, and as a trainer in several companies. Most recently I used this attitude while managing up to seventy-five actors in my own talent agency, in building my reputation as an effective networker, and in growing a reputation as a marketing consultant. I like to work with people and, more gratefully, people like to work with me. As one of my friends told me: I listen, and listen, and listen some more for where I can help, then I share what I know. Or I become so curious about what the challenge is that I develop an interest in it and look for a solution. In a nutshell, I love to be helpful, useful, and needed. Well, who doesn’t?

How does all this relate to being a writer? Maybe the better question is where can writing fit into all this? Writing is currently my favourite form of communication. It doesn’t mean I don’t like talking… in fact, I’m sure some people think I talk too much. I can help it, but I sometimes just give into my passion for teaching and sharing information. Hey, we all have our weaknesses; mine happens to be enjoying stimulating conversation. By the way, I have also been accused of being too quiet. I’ll let you in on a secret, when I’m doing this, I’m listening & thinking about what you are saying. If you are paying attention you will notice I’m also asking questions before I’m quiet. Maybe this is one of the reasons I’m enjoying writing these days. The conversations and experiences are coming clearer to me now than ever before… I’m expressing  what I’ve learnt and I’m loving it…

Sorry, rambling again… I hear my journalist friend, Richard telling me I’m all over the place again. Back to the question of what to do with writing. Writing is a communication and can be used in many fields of work, and this is one of my strongest attributes. So, where do I apply it? I’ll let you know, when I stop avoiding the question… For now, I’ll be meeting with some friends this week who publish on-line magazines and I will be discussing with them where I can contribute. The direct connection is to be writing articles for their publications… articles about what I know: books, culture, food, motivation, art, and more. I’d like to write about Ted talks, sharing the inspiration I’ve been given from them. I’d like to write about some of the awesome charitable organizations we have in Montreal. and the amazing people who run them. Maybe this will lead me to Ted.

But first, I need to get a J-O-B, or do I?

Ps: I’m available to hire. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have ME on your team?



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