I recently finished reading T.J. Hoisington’s “If You Think You Can!” for the third time in as many weeks. I have a feeling I will be reading this one many more times over the next few years. I’m simply blown away by what I’m learning from it.

I fully intended to write a nice little book review for this article, but as I was writing it, the power of the impact this book is having on me came flooding back with each chapter heading and each  chapter’s summary question. So, I made a decision to apply what I’ve learned and write an article for each of the Laws that govern the performance of high achievers.


Law 1 – The Power of Decisions: Today I make the true decision to…

What happens when we make a decision? We feel a surge of excitement. Energy runs through our mind and body. We set an action in motion and start the building of momentum. Momentum is power in action.  Where does this power come from? It comes from within you, of course. To paraphrase some of TJ’s words, you have explosive power within you and making decisions unleashes that power. That explosive power resides in your dreams. In order to make your dreams come true you need to make decisions to unleash it.

Can you make bad decisions? Possibly, but it is more important to consider what you will do with the results of those decisions. Consider that we are currently the result of our thoughts and beliefs, that these are the contributing factors to our decisions and actions. When you were a baby, just learning to walk, you fell a few times, before walking, right? You probably didn’t have any beliefs that you couldn’t do it, so you just decided to keep trying until it worked. All the big people walked, so your thoughts were probably that you could too, and you just decided to keep trying new techniques until it worked.

Consider also the fact that we are empowered by the ability to make new decisions. We’ve all changed our minds before, so we know we can. What are you changing when you change your mind? Your thoughts? Your beliefs? Yes to both. We are deciding to perceive the situation differently from before. Are we changing reality? Yes, we are changing our own reality, taking action to achieve a desired goal, and deciding to do things differently than before. We are deciding to learn from our results and use them as foundations for further success.

Failures & mistakes are only results to learn from, if you decide to do so. We are learning machines with an endless capacity to learn more.

See every action as a step forward towards personal growth and success. Make mistakes, fail, and keep going forward. If you want to change your life, decide to do things differently! You can, if you think you can!

For myself, today I make the true decision to become a better writer in order to better share what I’ve learned with others. What will you decide to do today?

With gratitude, I invite your feedback, comments, and thoughts.

Wishing you all an awesome week!

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