Dear Friends, Neighbours, & Readers,

I am deeply proud to introduce to you one of the nicest, and most creative specialists for Top Of Mind Awareness promotional items, Mr. Sharkie Tarakjian. I’ve been very honoured to have been able to work with him and his amazing team. I consider Sharkie more than a trusted resource & community partner, I consider him a friend.

Sharkie and his team run PromoLink. For those of you living on the West-Island, you have probably heard his name, seen the PromoLink logo, and/or enjoyed the antics of his team of eccentric professionals at various community events and fundraisers, such as Rib Fest, Sparkes For Hope, Obstafun, and many other community events! Lately, you’ll find The Shark, actually dressed as a shark! 

14721737_1353199104692321_1332600859433003530_nPlease check out some more fun photos at on his Facebook.

Sharkie is a true community leader and always has a kind word to say about local charities. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons why they love inviting him to participate in their events. Among the many he supports, he often speaks with great affection about the wonderful people who care for his Mom at the West-Island Palliative Care Residence.

You really can’t find a kinder and more enjoyable person to work with, than Sharkie. He will listen carefully to what you want to do, make some suggestions, offer some out of the box possibilities, illicit a few laughs, and when it’s all done, he’s literally presented you with award winning promotional items.

More that the professional persona, you will really enjoy sitting and having a coffee with Sharkie at the office… especially when the team is around, because they have lots of fun teasing him about all sorts of things… that might have been for my benefit when I was working with them, but I saw plenty of regular clients partake in the good natured fun. He has build an amazing company and it reflects the great heart he has.

On the business side, PromoLink‘s ideas go well beyond pens, cups and caps, his team creates hand embroidered jackets, custom made and logo-ed toys, USB keys in any and all forms, and an endless array of unique giveaways that remind the client to smile while talking fondly of your company to others. 

PromoLink & Sharkie can be reached at

So, make that instant and unique impact on your clients and call PromoLink!

Tell them Mario sent you and let me know what they say. Hint: Don’t let Kleo get away with a joking “Mario Who?”.

PS: You can also join the fun by following them on social media at: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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