I walked around this old weathered root a few times and wasn't sure what I was seeing. I enjoy imagining faces and eyes in all sorts of things, and I'm always fascinated by patterns, but this one just wasn't clear. As I was editing it, I started emphasizing the contrast and definition to pull out … Continue reading Spirit

These Are The People In My Neighbourhood – Say Hello to Sharkie Tarakjian

Dear Friends, Neighbours, & Readers, I am deeply proud to introduce to you one of the nicest, and most creative specialists for Top Of Mind Awareness promotional items, Mr. Sharkie Tarakjian. I’ve been very honoured to have been able to work with him and his amazing team. I consider Sharkie more than a trusted resource & … Continue reading These Are The People In My Neighbourhood – Say Hello to Sharkie Tarakjian

Odds & Ends – I Surrender…

... to my multitude of interests! Start with taking a look at my ever growing  Pinterest account which has 70 distinct boards with over 12,000 Pins, and I'm sure I could easily sub-categorize them even further into strong interests. I really believe that if I could split myself in 70 I could possibly find time to … Continue reading Odds & Ends – I Surrender…


Sitting with my Stephen King collections in my hands. A feeling of terror, like the fighter in “Nona” is paralleled in me. A ghost walked by: Round, white face, sallow eyes, good teeth, and a hunched back On it’s heels he came; the middle-aged man: eyes ravaged with life experiences, but hauntingly expressionless. His clothes, … Continue reading Mausoleum