… to my multitude of interests!


Start with taking a look at my ever growing  Pinterest account which has 70 distinct boards with over 12,000 Pins, and I’m sure I could easily sub-categorize them even further into strong interests. I really believe that if I could split myself in 70 I could possibly find time to pursue each interest fully. I can’t say I have a main interest, because on any given day I may be fascinated by some amazing architecture, moved by incredible designs, inspired by DIY projects, supercharged by a quote, cultured by art, or motivated towards success by a nice bottle of Whisky or a beautiful pair of shoes. It’s a little crazy, perhaps.

This need to explore almost everything is in many parts of my life and is leading me closer and closer to those often elusive answers to the timeless questions: “Who Am I & What Am I Doing Here?” As I said before, it is part of what inspired and compelled me to start this blog journey. I need to understand what it means to be a Renaissance Soul and how to live a life in honour of this personality trait. I’m so grateful to have read Margaret Lobenstine’s AWESOME book: “The Renaissance Soul – How To Make Your Passions Your Life“.  It’s me, all over! Even more amazingly, it’s also many people in my life… all of us having spent much of our lives feeling bad about having many interests! Not anymore! I’m embracing this infinite curiosity and channeling it into a vocation… Can you guess what that might be?

It all started with Ted Talks, specifically with Emily Wapnick’s “Why some of us don’t have one true calling”. Then I started finding more resources and references affirming that it is more than ok to be this way, it is AWESOME! Oh, and there is a Home for Multipotentialites, like me and you. It’s called Puttylike. Ok, I’m going to stop myself now, from rambling on, or going off on a tangent and get back to the news I intended to share with you and the help I was about to ask for.


As of today, I have completed the outlines of to ambitious blog features… well ambitious for me, at least, and a little frightening too, since I’ve never undertaken such long term projects with my writing. Anywho… They will be overlapping and possibly interconnected on occasion… we shall see…

The first is an exploration of the creative process from a very personal perspective. I have selected 500 of my artworks from over the last 25 years, or so and curated them in segments that feel connected by need of expression. Through drawing, sketches, painting, sculpture, and photography, I intend to define an artists journey of expression. Along with visuals on these works, there will be mentions of influencers, state of mind at creation, and techniques & materials explored. What I’ve learned so far from this is the bliss of being a work in progress.

The second is a journey of learning and embracing my Renaissance Soul. I have compiled 365 Ted talks that cover a vast range of subjects and themes. Some picked for the silly titles, some for the challenging topics, and others for the chance they will change my understanding of the universe & help me overcome any fear I have of the subject. All are picked to satisfy curiosity. My intention is to share the optimism & beauty of infinite possibility, as well as the revelations I got from these choices. What I’ve learned so far from this is that the world we live in together is an amazing, hopeful, and tremendous place. And that I could potentially collect at least another 1000 talks to write about. This is a gift I cannot begin to express my full gratitude for.

Now, I need your help on these amazing projects. Can you please give me a hand?

1st – Your feedback and comments on what I post keep me motivated and accountable to you, me, and the project. Please share what you think of my posts with comments.

2nd – Some financial help would be… well, helpful. Donating to my blog is always appreciated. However, I would like to go a couple of steps further… This is where I need some advice.


a) I intend to launch a Crowdfunding campaign for each project. I am grateful for any and all advice on the best way to do this.

b) I intend to apply for grants. Anyone with experience in writing grants for similar projects, please contact me and lead me in the right direction: you can email me at mmj.perron@gmail.com with the subject titled “Grants”

3rd – I’ve already received a little feedback on these projects and I’ve been asked to keep in mind the possibility of making books out of them. So, I am planning ahead with this possibility in mind. Technical help & funding for this is equally appreciated.

So, while I’m feeling the stress & excitement build with choosing a deadline for launching these, I intend to have them both going daily by April 1st. I better get to work, as I’m estimating over 100,000 words ahead. Wish me success!


Wishing you all a tremendous week!





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