I can remind you to have faith in your goals, your plans, your process, and your progress, but what are some of the keys to developing faith?


You could reflect on the most rewarding moments of your life, write down as much details about those experiences: the senses and feelings, the thoughts, the details. You could examine where, at that moment in your life, you think you were in your mind and heart, in your learning, your career, your relationship, etc. You could remember the feelings of happiness you felt. You could try to evaluate and put into perspective all that contributed to that happiness. You could then try to relate them to what you have today in your life.

Or you can take a leap of faith and accept that you were happy then, because you think your were happy then; and you are less happy now, only because you think you are  less happy now?

Can you consider that happiness is created by our thoughts?

Noah Elkrief’s explains How To Be Happy In Life  our main source of unhappiness is that we focus on being unhappy. In this video he also teaches where & when we do this, and the reasons are shocking to realize, and easier than you think to change. He explains it very eloquently, more than I could summarize in a single paragraph, but I can tell you it is based on the theory of mindfulness. If you’ve already read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, you will love Noah’s summation of it. 


It’s Not What Happens To You, It’s What You Do About It“. W Mitchell

Can you consider that unhappiness is only an excuse to not move forward with your goals?

Can you consider taking a leap of faith, taking action on your plans, and trusting in your process?

Can you consider that the primary motivation for everything you wish to achieve is happiness?


In Outperform The Norm, Scott Welle suggests that there are 5 fundamentals that can enhance your happiness:

1- Choose Experiences over Materials: Things loose their shine and can be lost or broken, but memories of experiences bring us feelings that are always ours.

2- Use Your Inner Strength: Consider the skills that come easy to you, but hard for others, those are your gifts, those are where your inner strengths grow and can be shared with others… with passion or love.

3-Lose Yourself: Remember those experiences when you totally lost track of time, when you were in your zone? That is when you are fully immersed in what you are presently doing. That is when you are doing your best!

4- Get Fresh Air: You cannot refute the science on this. We weren’t born to sit at a computer indoors all our lives. We need to move around. We need to get oxygen in our blood. 15 -20 mins a day, outside will do this…

5- Smile & Laugh More: This is both the simplest and requires the most faith. If you want to be happier, smile and laugh more. If you think you can’t, fake it, until you make it! Smiling and laughing trigger a physiological response that promotes feelings of happiness. AND they are contagious!!! Share the wealth on this!!!

Today, I’ll be smiling and conquering my thoughts while I pursue a vocation of writing & counselling. I’ll be presenting myself as I wish to see myself: an experienced professional with an authentic voice, integrity, and a passionate purpose. I’m going out there with a mindset of abundance and gratitude.

A fundamental truth of a contribution-based mindset is to never stop trying to be better for tomorrow…” by Scott Welle

What are you doing today?

Wishing you a Tremendous Day!


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