A few months ago, I wrote the following notes in my journal and I wanted to share them with you. Partly, because of how much my writing style has changed, and partly because it was interesting to reflect on growth. Finally, because I now feel that conflict doesn’t need to be a scary part of the process. I’m grateful for this and, if I was to guess why, I’d have to say it was because I feel I have a clearer understanding of how conflict inspires creativity. 



 I have paired it down to two ideas competing for attention: Fear & Commitment.

First, have you written down your plan of action for today? Have you included time for self-reflexion and/or being social?

Sample Plan: Wake up, get out of bed, drag a comb across my head… I couldn’t resist the Beatles lyric… that song (A Day in the Life) plays often in my head. A topic to think on another day, perhaps. Now the winners of today’s million thought competition.

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real (from Outperform the Norm by Scott Welle)

Consider using this as a mantra. Remember the mantra serves two main purposes: 1- to pause and reflect on whatever thoughts are causing the emotional train to run forward. 2- to reinforce positive thought patterns that break self-doubt.

Something occurs to you and it doesn’t feel good, question it.

Is it possible someone else might have a different perspective or reaction to this same circumstance?

If so, do I know for sure what I’m thinking & feeling are the truth?

Does this sound like self-doubt? Yes, it does. We seem to be hardwired to doubt ourselves, but many of us have been taught to only doubt our abilities, not our disabilities. The world is full of people who’ve overcome their disabilities. I’ll take a leap of faith and assume they have chosen, at some point to not believe in the limits of their disabilities, at least, until they have tested them. In other words, they eliminated the false evidence that appeared real.

Commitment = the act of committing, pledging, or engaging oneself.: There are many definitions for commitment, some seem quite negative to me. I like this one. I choose to read and apply it as follows: The Act of Engaging Oneself. Some of us are on the road to self-love and this seems more forgiving (or positive) to me.

I can’t tell you how many times in the day I don’t feel like following my plan. I make all sorts of excuses, and sometimes those excuses win, sometimes my commitment to finishing the task wins. At the end of the day, I look back on what I accomplished, starting with the idea that I engaged myself to take actions. With my belly full of good vibes for what I accomplished, I evaluate what I didn’t accomplish: Did the world end, because I didn’t do it? Can I do still do it? Did i feel overwhelmed by the size of the task? Can I break it down into smaller sub-tasks? Is it possible that my intuition / instinct is guiding me away from this task? Why, is it FEAR or something else? (This last question may be the most challenging and the most rewarding. Please remind yourself, it’s purpose is to put you on the path to success, as you define it.)


So, I’m off to engage in my next task, and I already have a competing choice to do it now, later, or find a compromise.


Wishing you all a Tremendous day!

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