I came across this journal entry from about a year ago and want to share it with you. At the end I will comment on some things that have changed and been accomplished.


Lately, I’ve been reading lots of books on confidence, motivation, success, achievement, accomplishment, accountability, etc, etc, etc… Now it’s time to start implementing what I’ve learned.

Why? Believe it or not, I have given myself several different answers. None have felt true. More accurately, none have addressed the core of my dissatisfactions with my current circumstances.

The challenge has become to define what satisfaction is and what it means. This will develop, change, and evolve as we go forward. The first step is to challenge this overwhelming feeling of stagnation. To do this I have to start. That’s really it: just start…

Starting somewhere is a decision to set the base from which to move forward. So why is it so hard sometimes? Fear is the core of it. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of judgement (from others and ourselves), fear of not being good enough, fear of confronting our excuses, and fear of change. It starts with a decision…. so here it goes.

I, like many of you, occasionally have millions of thoughts racing around in my head, so I am right up front letting you that my topics may be occasionally all over the place, but I have faith that they will become more and more focused in time. I’m asking you to also forgive yourselves for your amazingly creative minds and to simply have faith that what you need to think, feel, and do will also become more focused with time and practice.

So, let’s start with a few affirmations, quotes, sayings, and other such soul-jarring statements. I can and will revisit them in future blog postings.

Please trust that there is madness in my method, or is it method to my madness?

“If you Fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” by B. Franklin

My plan right now is share my daily progress as I work to change my career. The steps I’ve set before me so far realizable, a key to any goal setting. At the end of every day I take time to evaluate the accomplishment of those goals to determine which require to be broken into smaller sub-goals, or turned up to much me further.

“If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else”  by L.J. Peter

Setting goals is the most common instruction in all the self-improvement books and blogs I’ve read. As some one once said to me in the past: “Give yourself some grace to make mistakes, and have faith that it’s ok to make changes.”

Goals are the path we set to get somewhere. While this is as obvious as saying “Everywhere you go, there you are”, it has deeper meaning. Always picture where you want to go, then draw your roadmap to getting there. Trust that there may always be a better way there, but that is something you can learn while getting there. You can always course-correct. It doesn’t always have to be a race.

“Just Do It!” by Nike

Embrace this as much as possible. It goes along with a wonderful book by Susan Jeffers: “Feel the Fear and Do It anyway!”

Also try telling yourself that there is no such thing as failure, there are only results. We can always make adjustment after we’ve learned from results.

“If you think you can do a thing, or you can’t do a thing, you are right” by H. Ford

This is helpful to those who make it a mantra! So many books talk about turning negative thought into positive thoughts. Start with saying this to yourself after every statement, spoken or thought you produce. It will become second nature and the pause will help you change your habits from unproductive to productive.

The following are from the ebook “Outperform The Norm” by Scott Welle

Fear = “What if (insert a negative statement)”

Fearlessness = “What if (insert a positive statement)”

These last two are a breakdown of Henry Ford’s famous quote. Most of us live with self-doubt and a pest inner voice that is self-defeating. Please consider that that inner voice is really the culmination of your thought habits. Habits can be changed. All it takes is practice and commitment. As simple as changing “What if I’m wrong?” for “What if I’m right?”, but don’t stop there, the job is only half done. Answer yourself: “What IF, I am right?, What Then?”

“Consider. It. Done.”

This one may be best seen much latter on, but I’m including it as part of my goal setting practices. I want to get to the point of when I decide to do something, I can say with complete confidence… “Consider It Done”.

I believe that we all learn as we teach and I am certain that I will learn from many of you, so please don’t be shy with the comments and questions…


There are a few interesting observations and advancements I could and will eventually expand on, but for now, I am amazed that I am still working on two of these quotes:

1- “If you Fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” by B. Franklin My inner voice just said to me, see why you are not progressing!!! Then I hear Tony Robbins… have I mentioned how much I adore this person’s teaching??? Anyway, I heard his voice reminding me to say to my inner voice… “look at that silly thought. That’s not my thought…” I have been planning and executing two major projects (*), both of which I intend to turn into books. My inner voice is telling me to fear the unknown, to be impatient for the results. And here shouts Tony: “Look at those silly thoughts!” Everything happens when it should and everything leads to something else… have faith in the process. Remember that the goal remains the same, even if there is need to change the path in getting there.

2- “If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else”  by L.J. Peter So my silly inner voice is asking me where I want to go with all this. I challenge it back with a strong: “FORWARD!” I embarked on this journey for my love of learning and I’m extremely successful in this task… I’ve been learning tons everyday and the universe is rewarding me with more opportunities to learn than I ever thought possible. I am tempted to allow myself to get overwhelmed, but there is a feeling rising strong from my heart… this feeling is excitement, this feeling is joy, I’m loving this learning more than any drip of fear it brings. Where is it bringing me? Well, that’s easy to answer: “FORWARD!”

PS: My major projects are:

i) A Creative Process Through 500 works of art

ii) A Year of Learning Intentionally through 365 Ted talks

I remind myself that the more than a million words I’ve been writing for these two projects doesn’t just bleed out of me. It’s planning, thinking, working, and reworking. I’m loving it and growing with it everyday!

So, where were you a year ago and where are you today?

Come and join me on this journey to “FORWARD!”

What’s the alternative, staying in the past???


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