Midweek Poems – When a Dally Dillies

When a dally dillies It’s quite uncommon for flowers to wilt, if the staring cow curls its tongue Too much, too soon even I need the limits of space and time unlimited the boat cuts through the blue Finally the clouds float over me in friendly waves Goodbye rational thought goodbye by M. Perron (Originally … Continue reading Midweek Poems – When a Dally Dillies

Where the poem hides

The binding holds in The pages to be filled Like a sculptor I can believe The medium holds the art Study the lines and textures The surface is secretive Only impulse distracts The poem from the page by M. Perron (Originally written March 9th, 1992) Notes: I can't shake the feeling that there is another … Continue reading Where the poem hides


sad… the clouds are lonely… the birds are depressed… the beer is alone… the chair is unmoved… the ant is unamused… the clowns are bored… the people are horny… the teenager is unemotional… the painting is listless… the dog is drunk… the party is sober… the shirts are dry… the pants are cold… the girl … Continue reading Sad

Top Tips for A Purposeful Life

Law 13 - Live with purpose: This chapter in T.J. Hoisington’s “If You Think You Can” is both summation of the previous principals and the most crucial of them all, without which no progress can be begun, much less be made. It’s thanks to this principle that I started blogging, pushing myself to clearly determine … Continue reading Top Tips for A Purposeful Life

Odds & Ends – The Gratitude Project

Last Year, while reading “Gravitate 2 Gratitude", by Carolyn Flower, I started one of her prescribed exercises. This exercise was meant to help us recognize, in essence to become grateful for all we have. It focuses the mind on seeing reasons to be grateful by establishing a habit of gratitude. Like most habits it takes … Continue reading Odds & Ends – The Gratitude Project

Odds & Ends – Lately, I’ve… as of a year ago.

I came across this journal entry from about a year ago and want to share it with you. At the end I will comment on some things that have changed and been accomplished. Lately, I’ve been reading lots of books on confidence, motivation, success, achievement, accomplishment, accountability, etc, etc, etc… Now it’s time to start … Continue reading Odds & Ends – Lately, I’ve… as of a year ago.


i’m an innocent traveling through a guilt ridden world selfishly ignoring my inner feelings and indulgently abusing those of others by M. Perron (Originally written November 22, 1989) Notes: Really, Mario? Thank God my existential crisis period took over from my self-indulgence and over-seriousness. Well, at least I think it has... wink, wink.

What Do You Want?

For me, this is the perfect subject for Spring. Making changes, setting goals, implementing plans, are what is predominant in what I’ve been doing this past week. So, I started this year with a big question and broke it down into achievable tasks. Now, let’s dig into my why & how to make that happen. … Continue reading What Do You Want?

Odds & Ends – Plans Change

Setting a new goals and getting amazed as the universe conspires to make happen what really needs to happen. A few months ago I started a soft evaluation of what I loved the most in all the jobs I’ve ever had. I have always enjoyed teaching, training, or coaching others. I have always seen it as an … Continue reading Odds & Ends – Plans Change

Odds & Ends – Faith & Happiness

I can remind you to have faith in your goals, your plans, your process, and your progress, but what are some of the keys to developing faith? You could reflect on the most rewarding moments of your life, write down as much details about those experiences: the senses and feelings, the thoughts, the details. You … Continue reading Odds & Ends – Faith & Happiness