I was recently asked to send some photos of myself for an article on What is a Successographer? The specifics were joyfully vague, so I decided to have some fun and send in a motley bunch, selected from old profile pics, some autobiographical artworks, and some new pics, I asked my loving wife to take.

The feature picture is a small collage of what I sent and it was fun making it. What was, even more, fun was the search through years of unedited photos. I got the bug to edit and share a few here.

Note: You can see much more of my photo explorations on my art site: Arts M.Perron.

What’s All This Now?

What's All This NowI’m not sure when I took this photo or if it was on purpose, but I seem to have quite a few random shots in my camera. When I looked at this one, I wondered if it was possible that one of my cats took the shot of the other. Perhaps in hopes of getting them in trouble for some mischief about to happen.

The Ghost Of Howl Returns

The Ghost of Howl, reappearsWhile sorting through old photos, I found the original painting called Howl. This one lives as a ghost under the painting called Howl 2. I’m amazed at how strong this image still is and how much I see it under the overpaint.

Once Out To Sea

Once, Out To SeaA caucus of gulls in the final conversation before the long flight out to sea.

Message In A Bottle

Message In A BottleImage a bottle washing up on a beach and the rolled up paper inside reveals only an image. What are you to think of it?
Is it a clue to where the message comes from?
What do you do next?

Location Scouting For Bond

cuba view 2014-21The beach in Cuba was beautiful. I started to see what I imagined to be locations from the 1960’s era 007 movies and quickly pictured myself finding them.

Just Before The Fall

Just Before The fallThis was taken on my last visit to McDonald’s… over 3 years ago now. This toy seemed very much a sign that it was time to listen to Jamie Oliver and dump the crap at McD’s. It started falling very soon after. Why do you still eat there?

Endless Wonder

Endless WonderEverywhere I looked on the beach that morning, I found things to drive my imagination. What do you see?

Dreaming Of Hemingway

cuba view 2014-3I found myself often thinking of Ernest Hemingway when in Cuba. What was he seeing and imagining?

A Touch Of Cloud

A Touch of CloudTaken from a beach scene in Santa- Maria, Cuba

Please let me know what you think about these photos.

Have an awesome weekend!


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