I have a To Do List on my desktop that loves to taunt me with the points I haven’t prioritized. Recently, I’ve decided to take some of the more taxing tasks off the list by getting them done in increments. Sorting and editing my photos is one of these massive jobs. A few weeks ago, I started sorting them and found many unedited photos that have been my daily rewards to play with.

I’m happy to share here a small batch of from a trip to Taos, New Mexico. I was, and still am amazed by the quality of the light there. It really feels like watching that first RCA color TV set when I was a kid in the 70s. I hope you enjoy them.

Ps: feel free to post your comments here, Vote for them on my Viewbug page, or purchase prints of these and other photos on Arts M.Perron.

Taos - Something in the light 1Taos - Something in the light 2Taos - Something in the light 3Taos - Something in the light 4Taos - Something in the light 5Taos - Something in the light 6Taos - Something in the light 7Taos - Something in the light 8Taos - Something in the light 9Taos - Something in the light 10Taos - Something in the light 11


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