Hidden ghosts and imaginings at the St-James Cemetary

Cemeteries are wonderfully peaceful places to reflect and let our imaginations run wild. On this partially cloudy day, I wandered about and took dozens of pictures. Some obviously creepy, others creepy with some help.

This is a little collection of creepy imaginings. Enjoy.


The little bug clinging to the underbelly of this wasted bloom remains oblivious to the ectoplasmic emanations surfacing behind it. What will happen next?



Age sometimes feels like fading away and turning to stone at the same time.


Natural Garbage:

Even mother nature has her litterers.

Natural Garbage

Somewhere on Gilligan’s Island:

Do you remember this show? There was often some overtly ominous moment before we saw the guy in the gorilla suit, and the camera focused on some random spot in the jungle where the creepy music could hide with the gorilla. For you millennials, black & white TV was a great stimulator of creativity and imagination.

Somewhere on Gilligan's Island

Ent Foot:

Ok, so I’m a Lord of the Rings geek. What do you see?

Ent Foot

Bogaert’s Den:

Here’s a nod to mythology fans, before the phenomenon of Harry Potter creatures.

Boggarts Den

An Opening Shot For A Jim Jarmusch Movie:

Watch his Dead Man movie and you’ll understand.

An Opening Shot For Jim Jarmusch

Wishing you all an amazing weekend!

Please share what you see in these pictures. Perspectives are the most fun part of making art.


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