The Science of Getting Rich

Beyond just do it… and then some!
I just finished my first reading of this mind-altering book.
It was recommended to me by an author friend and I had very different expectations for its subject matter. It went well beyond my expectations!
If you’ve been on the law of attraction journey for a bit now, you probably already practice or at least understand the purpose behind the practices of visualization, goal setting, intentions, positivity, gratitude, self-confidence, faith, and of course journaling (writing it all down). Maybe you’re at the point of putting some of them together, maybe more.
This book, for me, at least tied them all together and with a lovely bow to boot.
I’m taking the author’s advice and will be rereading it a few times over… at the very least until I can accurately answer the review questions at the back of the book.
I’m also about to start the companion workbook that I’m told was created by none other than Bob Proctor and based on a seminar he gave on this book.

Ps: If some of you are the types who enjoy reading the climax of the book, Mr. Wattles has neatly delivered it to you in Chapter 17. Read that first if you want and I’m sure you’ll still want to read the rest.

I am deeply grateful for this recommendation and happily pass it forward to you.

Blessings and good reading.


7 thoughts on “The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles (Monday’s Movers)

  1. What an amazing book that is. Seriously. I’ve been working with its principles, on and off, for something like 20+ years, and it never disappoints! I’m so glad you found your way to it. It never ceases to amaze me, just how true it is, time and time again — and yet how it continues to surprise me and teach me something new, each time I come back to it.

    I haven’t been nearly as consistent with it, as I could have been — I really encourage you to learn from my oversight. The times when I was most engaged with it, were the times that things just seemed to “fall into place” for me. Of course, they didn’t — they were just responding to the work I was doing.

    I hope it brings you every success and enriches your life as it has mine!


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    1. Hello K,
      Thank you so much for your comments. They have enriched my perspective on it.
      For my part, similar to you, I haven’t been consistent with using its principles. I have, however given into the belief that the teacher comes when the student is ready and allow myself to embrace each new book as it finds it’s way to me. Amazingly, they always seem to flow one into the next and each new book answers and enriches concepts from the previous ones.

      I’m on an amazing journey of growth and I’m grateful to have read this book when I did. It will find its way back to me when I need it too and I’m sure I’ll embrace new understanding from it.
      Thank you for you comments and please visit my articles anytime. I would be honoured to read your thoughts on them.

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      1. 🙂 That’s the way, isn’t it? We learn our lessons in many different ways… and we keep learning, till we get them.

        I’ve recommitted to this path — I was totally locked on target, 25 years ago, but after I “hit the big time”, I stopped being so focused. And my attention turned to other things. So, here I am… coming full circle and exploring how I can put everything I’ve learned to good use, for myself and everyone I encounter.

        I look forward to reading your articles, and wish you all the best!

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      2. Awesome! Thank you so much.
        As my mentor and friend reminds me that the world is full of possibilities and I love to repeat his lesson to me by asking: “how can I, help you?”
        Have an amazing week and I look forward to reading your articles as well.

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