Why complete a course in Building Self-Confidence

Last Fall during my internship, I was sent an email about Professional Development courses offered to teachers who wish to improve their skills. As a student teacher, I did not have access to some really meaty ones I wanted. After the semester, I responded to one of the LinkedIn invitations to activate my Free trial … Continue reading Why complete a course in Building Self-Confidence


A little good news — about self-esteem

http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/self-compassion-researcher-suggests-4-steps-to-overcome-negativity-bias/ Very much worth the read!

Letting You Be … You

Book Review: Fancy Nancy by Jane O'Connor Adorable.A parent's guide to having fun while allowing your children be themselves.A great message about how parent's can show their children they respect them for who they are. Follow Nancy and her amazing family as they nurture her self-expression in the cutest and most supportive way... by being … Continue reading Letting You Be … You

Amazing Reinterpretation of The Ugly Ducking

Book Review: Red - A Crayon's Story by Michael Hall This is one of those gems adults get to experience, unless under special circumstances. If you're in a teacher training course and have a clever mentor, if you got it as a gift to read your own child, or if you are a wise teacher … Continue reading Amazing Reinterpretation of The Ugly Ducking

Is This What I’m Really Asking?

Like this, or not. Share it, or not. It does matter to me, but not for why you might think... I really want to collaborate and grow something bigger than myself on this! I just watched this mind bending Ted Talk with Joseph Gordon-Levitt about... well, just watch it and you tell me what it's … Continue reading Is This What I’m Really Asking?


I'm lead to believe from all the books I'ver read on self-improvement, that most of us really don't see ourselves as we truly are. This self-distortion emanated from us, and influences how others see us, thus authenticating our self-perception while further concretizing a corrupted self-perception. It's a vicious circle that always starts from within us, … Continue reading Self-Distortion

Have You Figured Out Your Q-Factor?

Why do I love having my mindset shaken? In his awesome article: "What can we learn from people who succeed later in life?" , researcher , Albert-László Barabási, shook the dust of a personal conundrum: How do I figure out why I've not had wild success in my recent business ventures? I didn't clearly identify my reason … Continue reading Have You Figured Out Your Q-Factor?

Thursday’s Thoughts – On A Big Question

WHAT DO YOU DO? I ask and guide people to answer every question that begins with "Have you considered...?" People often ask me what do I do for a living. Until today, this question has often overwhelmed me and caused me tons of anxiety. How the hell can I answer this clearly and succinctly when … Continue reading Thursday’s Thoughts – On A Big Question

The 14th Step on The Ladder of Awareness

Preamble for today’s session: Note: Going in today, I was concerned that The Ruminator would impede my progress, because of his tightened presence in my mind these past few days. So, I shut my eyes and let myself go into my chest to hear and feel what came from there. All the questions asked today … Continue reading The 14th Step on The Ladder of Awareness

Toot! Toot! Look What I Found on the Concordia University Website!

Ok, it's a little weird, it's a little bit of ego stroking, but I'm very proud of myself right now and I want to share it! Please indulge me in a little horn tooting! Thank you to Maeve Haldane for writing this very flattering article about ME: http://www.concordia.ca/cunews/offices/vpaer/aar/2017/07/27/biographer-of-success.html?c=/alumni-friends/news Please enjoy.