A little while back, I started taking random pictures of the art spaces around my house. I shot my libraries, studio, display shelves, and where my art ended up through several moves. I had hoped to find a focus on what drives my expressions. I’m not sure I have, yet, but I had a great deal of fun playing with these photos.

I like to imagine my Muses are always debating and even arguing for who will influence me more, as I am often inspired to move things around my house as I search to hear them better.

Around The Books, There’s Zen.

artists life 5
we always need good light around our inspirations

She Found Her Own Muse

artists life 17
art and its influence

The Muses #1

artists life 42
various inspirations

The Muses #2

The Muses #2

The Muses #3

The Muses #3

The Muses #4

artists life 48
can I do it all?

The Muses #5

The Muses #5

By the way, this box contains a hand made canning machine, made nearly 100 years ago by my Grandfather. He also made the box. I’ve lovingly kept it clean and waxed for many years now, but I haven’t opened it in over a decade. I love the mystery of what’s inside… you see, I really can’t remember what it looks like for sure. It’s a muse that inspires me to imagine.

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