A Management/Consultant Profile – Spiced Up With A Punch

For years now, I’ve felt detached from my business profile. Never really feeling genuine in my descriptions of accomplishments or tasks. Always feeling forced in my enthusiasms.

I finally got the courage to ask some close friends to spice up and tear down my curriculum vitae based on how they see me.

This is the result and it found its own voice of resonance with me. For the first time, I truly see clearly how I have performed the roles of manager, servant leader, and consultant.

This is my business persona and part of the complexity I now gratefully accept as myself.

Despite repeating to myself affirmations about taking risks and paraphrasing Einstein that I needed to change my way of doing things if I wanted a different result, it still took a leap of faith for me to open myself to criticism, share my full work history (6 pages of it, sigh!) ask for help, and I am deeply grateful to my friends that I did.

Note: I’ve removed certain details such as dates, locations, and some numbers … There should be enough here to wet your whistle and give you a taste for more. Wink, Wink!


A Manager, consultant, planner, and leader with expertise in team building, communications, and training; Strong background in brand development, public relations, and marketing; Skilled in bringing creative solutions to the big picture. English and French-speaking; proficient in Microsoft Office, Mac OS, digital platforms; published author, editor, and multi-disciplinary artist.


  • Led multi-disciplinary teams in the successful resolution of challenges 
  • Developed strategies dealing with challenges in competitive consolidating markets
  • Planned and directed several customer relations and marketing communications campaigns resulting in elevated branding and professional reputations
  • Developed integrated added-value-proposition campaigns improving customer loyalty
  • Effectively structured communications strategies. 
  • Developed and assisted in developing policy frameworks achieving corporate goals 


TOMA Marketing: Founder & Senior Consultant

Our Mission is to transform your journey to success into words that inspire, impact & influence with a focus on communication strategies and brand transformation. TOMA shares the reason you do what you do with a world eager to see your unique selling point. We provide the creative communications bridge between the challenges of business development and all-valuable clients you need to grow your business. TOMA is a member of the global think tank, Management Group International and a managing editor for “ the voice of Montreal”, La Metropole.

R.A.P.R. Inc / Agence M. Perron: President & Talent Manager

RAPR Inc. was a Montreal talent management agency with an impresario’s flair. 

  • Improve relations with key hiring agents and customers 
  • Design and launch media campaigns, increasing traffic, buyer satisfaction, and contracts 
  • Provide direction in professional branding
  • Self-evaluation techniques and effective skills-development
  • Managed up to 150 Actor portfolios 

Kaba-Ilco Inc: Direct Marketing & Inside Sales Coordinator

Kaba is a leader in access control systems servicing the hotel industry 

  • Authored the first service plan resulting in revenues exceeding $1 million. 
  • Led sales team to become the most profitable team in the region
  • Provided added value propositions to colleagues and customers 
  • Support to the technical sales and account management teams 
  • Fostered strong relationships with military purchasers 
  • Managed over 2000 accounts

Comtax International: Independent Consultant

Comtax specialized in tax recovery law

  • Monitored and managed the cold-call team improving productivity 
  • Developed quality control standards to evaluate performance
  • Supervisory methods for staff evaluation and training to reduce employee turn-over

Edelstein Diversified Ltd: Account Manager/Consultative sales representative.

Edelstein Diversified Ltd specializes in Specialty Adhesive Products

  • Secured contracts with new major accounts: Norampac, Indus-Pac, WinPak, and Bombardier
  • Implemented Wholesale programs for local distributors: Tenaquip, Doverco, Wolseley, etc.

Intertape Polymer Group (IPG): Inside-Sales Team Leader 

IPG is an international leader in adhesives and related packaging systems 

  • Awarded top relationship builder in the region for sales and communications systems 
  • Created and lead the first inside sales team 
  • Defined and implemented smooth sales communications protocols
  • Managed and coordinated over 2,000 Distributors 


BA (Education / Child Studies)

Certificate (Life Coaching & NLP) International: Alliance of Holistic Therapists, Silver Awards from Centre of Excellence

D.E.C. (Health Sciences)

Additional Training & Certifications in: 

Public Speaking & Effective Presentations, Conflict Free Communications, Consultative Sales, Needs Evaluation Techniques, Effective Up-Selling, Distribution Chain Development.


As those of you who read my blog regularly know, I always have more to come when I share personal information. This is just a taste of amazing new projects in the works and I promise to share them here with you.

In the meantime, I’m excited and ready to work with you in these professional capabilities.

With this in mind, where can I be of service to you?

See you soon,


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