An angel spoke to me this morning through a series of Instagram posts.

What she/he told me was in order to allow financial wealth into my life, I must let go of my current mindset towards asking for money. I must replace the association of ‘earning’ to money and replace it with the mindset of receiving. Granted, these posts are from the multitude of Abraham-Hicks groups I follow, so it fits perfectly into my current understanding of the Universal Laws of Attraction. It’s time to practice “allowing”!

This fills me with both excitement and anxiety!

Let’s talk about Anxiety/fear first, shall we?
My inner voice is loudly explaining that my fear is based entirely on the comfort I receive from old patterns/habits. It loves to remind me of the rich collection of quotes it’s memorized that what I’ve always done hasn’t yielded what I now want, so I must change my habits, let go of old patterns, believe, and leap forward! The inner voice has been shouting at me with increasing urgency about letting go, trusting in the process, trusting in the universe, believing in my desire, and letting the law of attraction work. Basically, to allow my dreams to manifest! Thank you, Abraham!
Fear, for me at least, is essentially a habitual desire to control outcomes. The amazing teachings of Osho state the essence of this in a very matter of fact way: all outcomes, like death, are inevitable, so why fear them, why worry about them, why try to control them? Some outcome will occur and we will deal with that then. He reminds me the undeniable truth that I have been able to adjust to every situation in my life so far with the plain fact that I am still here and moving forward. Then he asks the killer question: If you’ve always succeeded in surviving situations up to now, what evidence do you have that you won’t continue surviving from now on? My answer is I have none.
Now I must practice incorporating the mindset of not worrying about the inevitable, knowing I’ll survive all outcomes, and taking larger leaps of faith. Big Hairy Audacious Leaps Of Faith!!!!
Now for excitement/hope…
I smile at what I want and I feel good about having it. No matter how brief that feeling is, I know it’s there. I must allow it and it will come when the timing is right. This is what I’m working on the most. This feeling is vastly more layered in my mind than it needs to be and I’m moving forward to let the good feelings grow and shed light on the fears. Hope embraces fear and serves as a reminder that fear is only a signpost, not a path, mode of transportation, nor a destination. Hope is the destination! I’m learning to be grateful to fear for showing me the way to hope. The goal is to completely let go of “if” and cement in it’s place “when”. Everything happens as it should and when it should, so just keep moving forward!!!
My Intention: I am making positive changes, releasing many control habits, and feeling love and abundance flow through me.
I am starting with a massive liquidation of of the accumulated works of Arts M.Perron. Symbolic? I don’t know. Maybe. Cathartic? yes, literally so. I am clearing the mind and physical walls of my environment to allow new creativity to flow. Stay tuned for my posting here and my “Found” Etsy Store, all the artwork I have made for the last several years. I intend to auction them off and let the universe provide loving homes for them.
I’m releasing the mindset of earning money for the time I put into the work and allowing for the financial abundance that sharing these works brings.
Ps: I’m feeling the creativity flow again at the prospect of having an empty walls and shelves to refill with more beautiful work I can create. Thank you God, The Source, The Universe, etc…
Please stay tuned for the auctions and bid on what makes you happy, fills you with emotion, and/or inspires you. Loving homes are what my work wants and will find.
Thank you.

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