Transformations have never been so much fun!

I’m so excited to be working on this new stash of beautiful pieces. I’ve been busy studying design and finding that nothing is as simple or exact as described in the books I’m studying. Most of what I’m finding is a blurred and beautiful combination of Mid-Century Modern, Bauhaus, and Shaker Designs. Almost always with some personalized twist from the cabinet makers. Even the Bistro table has a Quebec Country Artisan flair mixed with it’s classic pub style.

Most of these have already been sanded, repaired where needed, and cleaned for the next phase in the process. I’m almost ashamed to say it’s work, because I’m just having way more fun than I ever expected while doing this stuff. Now I get to explore the world of colour and textures while finishing them with paint, stains, and waxes.

The parallel project that comes with this is both fun and challenging to me. I’ve been building a whole new site to promote all my Found projects and you will soon be able to see them, by them, and request custom work at Found – The Repurposed Design Company. Feel free to take a peek at my progress, leave some comments or questions, and PLEASE follow it now.


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