Please take note that there are two different pots shown here. I planted a flower from my garden that returns every year. I’ve always known them as snapdragons. The become a bright orange-pink and look like a cross between a crocus and bird of paradise. The goblets they are now living in were from a series I made a few years ago, after leaving school and starting an apprenticeship in a private ceramics studio. The master, Marie Côté, guided me, but let me explore different clay bodies. I had seen some amazing combinations that they told me in school just couldn’t be done. I knew it could when I saw Keon De Winter’s porcelain and stoneware combinations. I chose to try a variety of different combinations, from porcelain to terracotta, and all in between, then add my raku-style touches to the finish. You see here a could of the end results. The first two used heavy-grog earthenware around black porcelain. The last two used a raku-stoneware body around a red terracotta. As you can see with these last two, a chemical change caused the red clay to become brown in the high-firing temperatures.

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