I was considering other titles to make there story more obvious: “Putting On My Face” or “Before The Show”. This androgynous actor is backstage in front of their makeup mirror, getting ready for the big performance on stage. They have a routine that prepares them to enter the skin of the character they are playing. It involves covering all trace of who they really are. They are a blank canvas upon which they paint the character to be played. Hair covered with a silk shower cap, face painted white to hide themselves (including any shadows in the neck to show the presence or absence of an Adam’s apple), and a nondescript frock covering the remaining traces of their physicality. They look deep into their own eyes and transform themselves from the inside out. They are ready to paint the new face and become…

I played down a thin layer of conte first and blurred with a softer charcoal on top. It worked perfectly in the shower cap, to show the silly designs it has.

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