I get the impression of someone falling away, as if letting go of something or someone that is holding them back. of course, the hair always flows free faster than our perceptions. The eyes seem to still be focused on the object being left behind and only the slight beginning of realization has started to show on the whole face. The body is twisted and turned, not fully turned away, indicating the previous attachment to the object of it release.

I used mostly conte on this very smooth paper. The conte holds better than the charcoal did. However, I did use some black charcoal for a little contouring and shadowing. The overall emotional effect of working on black paper is hard to describe just yet. It all looks a little eerie, but there’s something else. Well, I have a big book to explore this in, so we shall see, in time.

For more artistic explorations, visit The New Renaissance Mindset @ http://www.renminds.org

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